Sponsor Spotlight – Auto Trader

Auto Trader are this year’s venue sponsor, offering up use of the whole 6th floor of their brand new 60,000 sq ft office on First Street in Manchester for the weekend, which includes fully equipped conference and meeting rooms, a huge canteen, and breakout area with a fussball table, two pool tables, Xbox One and a PS4!

Why is Auto Trader sponsoring Manchester BarCamp?

The great thing about BarCamp is that it encourages open conversations about subjects that matter, without any of the formality that is often seen at other conferences. At Auto Trader, we pride ourselves on being a little bit different and so it makes sense for us to sponsor such a unique event. BarCamp is also a great place to connect with new people; we’re always on the look-out for those that push the boundaries and are really passionate about what they do. The so-called ‘geek community’ is where we find some of our most talented staff and we love people that are committed enough to spend their spare time advancing their career. Most importantly, we enjoy being able to share knowledge with other like-minded people and learn something completely new. BarCamp is the perfect place to do all of these things!

Why is Auto Trader an amazing place to work?

Since moving to new Manchester and London offices last year, Auto Trader has been hot on the list of great places to work. With a funky new design, cars inside the building and writable walls, our offices have that something extra special. When you work for us, you will also have access to a wide range of benefits including fantastic rates on your pension, travel loans, numerous social events throughout the year and more. You can also take advantage of 25 days annual leave as well as bank holidays.

Everyone that works at Auto Trader lives and breathes the company values by being determined, curious, humble, reliable and inspirational on a daily basis. We select those with the same core values, creating a great office atmosphere, whilst at the same time ensuring we have a diverse range of people with completely different strengths.

Our recent transition to the digital sphere has made one of the most sought after employers in the country and being so well established, you can have peace of mind knowing we won’t be going anywhere any time soon. Ultimately, Auto Trader care about the people within our organisation, which is why we work hard to offer excellent career progression, highly competitive salaries and benefits that rival most companies in the UK.

For more information on Auto Trader and to see their current available jobs please see their Careers website here

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