Sponsor Spotlight – Fedora

The Fedora project has a mission to advance free and open source software, doing so collaboratively as a community.

BarCamp Manchester is all about the community coming together and realises the first 2 of our core foundations, Freedom and Friends.  The other 2 being Features and First, which are relevant to the open source software the Fedora Project collaboratively builds, namely  he Linux distribution Fedora.

Events like BarCamp Manchester are vital in the promotion and generation of communities and for this reason the Fedora Project is proud to be sponsor.

Fedora were one of the first companies to offer sponsorship to BarCamp Manchester in 2014, and again in 2015.

They have been tremendous supporters of our event and of the wider community, being responsible for bringing the time lapse cameras and the live feed to BCMCR5, our events are made all the more special with their help.

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