Sponsor Spotlight – Layershift

With less than 2 weeks until BarCamp Manchester 6, we couldn’t be more excited as we make our final preparations. As the event draws closer and closer, now seems the perfect time to hear from Layershift, one of our Gold sponsors, and find out about their exciting new service ­enscale, an innovative and easy to use PaaS, hosting this very site.

Who are Layershift, and what is enscale?

Layershift are a leading managed hosting provider, headquartered right here in Manchester, and were one of the first companies to pioneer containerised virtualisation over 12 years ago.

Despite their technical prowess, Layershift are actually best known for delivering excellent customer service and were recently awarded as the #1 “Best Customer Service Team in Western Europe” by independent customer satisfaction monitoring company, NiceReply.


Layershift have chosen BarCamp Manchester to announce their new service ­enscale.com, a PaaS designed to host and scale large and/or complex web applications. This platform automatically adapts server resources to suit your application load / traffic volumes to deliver the impossible mix of maximum performance and cost efficiency.

Besides enscale, Layershift provide a range of high­quality fully managed Cloud VPS’s available in 3 locations (Manchester, Chicago, and Singapore), and an advanced inline CDN, WAF and DDoS mitigation solution called Traffic Guard.

This great variety of hosting options allows Layershift to host almost any technology your site may require, be it Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, or even Python.

Why is Layershift sponsoring BarCamp Manchester?

Attending a typical conference can be a dry and limiting experience. BarCamps are much more about the community, and the collective knowledge, passion, and experience of the attendees which makes for a more vibrant and engaging event.

Layershift have a history of supporting local tech. events and hackathons, and are especially proud to be able to do their bit in contributing to the success of BarCamp Manchester 6.

Look out for the Layershift team at the event, and pay attention to the enscale challenge they’ve set for you in the BarCamp Manchester Magazine. In the meantime, go ahead and give us some love on Google +, Twitter, and our blog.

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