How to Prepare for your BarCamp Talk

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Public speaking can be terrifying, and is the main reason that BarCamp attendees don’t plan on doing a talk during the event. But you shouldn’t be put off!

A BarCamp is the exact place for you to take that leap and do your first conference talk. Remember, BarCamp is a very relaxed environment, it’s all about coming together as a community, and you won’t find a more supportive audience for your first time speaking.

So, now you’re tempted, let’s give you some handy tips on how to prepare!


  • Decide on your subject matter
  • Outline your slides
  • Outline¬†your main talking points
  • Flesh out the presentation with key pieces of information


  • Add images to your slides to support your points
  • Test your slide transitions
  • Check the size and position of your font for readability
  • Develop a colour scheme that flows throughout the presentation


  • Record yourself for practice
  • Run through the talk a few times to increase confidence
  • Try delivering your talk to a small group


  • Practice speaking slowly and clearly
  • Don’t worry about being nervous, the most experienced speakers have nerves!
  • Don’t worry if you mess up, just carry on
  • Enjoy yourself!

For more hints on how to prepare for your BarCamp talk, check out these handy resources;



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