Now anyone can be a BarCamp Manchester Sponsor!

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Sponsorship for Everyone

BarCamp Manchester is, and always will be free to attend, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have costs to cover the event.

For most tech conferences in the UK, you’re looking at paying around £100 for a ticket. Yes, this includes a nice meal, awesome speakers and a SWAG bag, but so does BarCamp!

It’s easy to forget just how much work, cost and effort goes into a BarCamp, and as we don’t have the luxury of income from ticket sales, we have to rely all the more on our sponsorship to make the event a great success.

All conferences have sponsors, and all sponsors are thanked for helping make the event happen, but at BarCamp, our sponsors don’t just help make the event happen, they DO make the event happen.

This makes BarCamp sponsors all the more special, and one of the reasons why companies who choose to sponsor a BarCamp have great standing an reputation in the tech community.

I’ve often had people ask why we don’t charge for tickets, as people are quite happy to pay towards the event, especially as we will be providing 2 days of amazing talks, 3 meals, refreshments & SWAG, but charging for tickets is just not the BarCamp way.

Instead, we are giving everyone the opportunity to become a BarCamp Manchester Individual sponsor. Sponsor us for any amount you see fit, and you’ll be listed on our website, and credited during the event for making the event happen.

So if you would like to be a BarCamp Manchester Individual Sponsor, just name your price & send your funds through PayPal here! Just be sure to pop your name & twitter handle in the ‘special instructions to seller’ box so we can give you thanks!

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