Why BarCamp’s are the Best (un)Conferences

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BarCamp’s aren’t like traditional conferences. A normal conference would be put together by a committee of industry professionals who select speakers they feel most fit their agenda and invite them to speak. The topics of the talks are restricted, and attendance is limited to those who can afford the often costly price tag.

The BarCamp is different. Not only is it free and open for anyone to attend, but it is also open for anyone to speak.

At a traditional conference it’s quite often the conversations in corridors or during breaks that are the most interesting. And so a BarCamp is a conference consisting entirely of corridor or break talks.

If you’re passionate about something, we want you to come and share that with the other attendees. Anyone can put their talk up on the board, and it’s up to the attendees to make the choice about which talks they want to attend. The possibilities at a BarCamp are endless, no matter what reason you have for choosing to go, there are many things for you to discover;

  • Maybe you’ll meet a kid who can teach you a thing or two about the Arduino
  • Maybe you’ll discover a new social group to join
  • Maybe you’ll find a new job
  • Maybe you’ll meet your future co-founder
  • Maybe you’ll make new friends

That’s a lot of maybes, but there are many people who have been to a BarCamp who have made those maybes into a reality. The BarCamp is a true grassroots community conference, where everyone is welcome, everyone matters, and everyone can make a difference.

If you’re passionate about something, and want to get involved, then BarCamp is the place for you!

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