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A BarCamp is Different!

Companies are hounded all the time from people requesting sponsorship for their events, and another request can easily get lost in or ignored, and why should a request for sponsoring a BarCamp be any different?

Well, because a BarCamp IS different.

The BarCamp is an incredibly unique event, and one that holds a very special place in the technology and digital community.

What makes sponsoring a BarCamp special?

The BarCamp is very much about the technology and digital communities coming together. We encourage and support other community groups and events, and by sponsoring a BarCamp, you are becoming part of that community too.

Because the BarCamp is so enriched with community spirit, the companies that choose to be sponsors are given great standing in the community.

Recently, a twitter conversation started by @ruby_gem discussed which are the coolest companies in Manchester to work for, and a lot of the mentioned companies have been sponsors of a BarCamp.

Everyone who attends a BarCamp is encouraged to prepare a talk, lead a discussion or hold a workshop. Because of the huge range of people who come to a BarCamp, these sessions can cover a massive variety of topics, and no other conference can give their attendees such variety.

Everyone who attends a BarCamp has a voice, attendees are not lectured to or talked at, but encouraged to speak up, ask questions, and get involved. Participation is key at a BarCamp, and everyone’s opinion is equally important.

Unlike most traditional conferences, attendance at a BarCamp is free, which makes the sponsorship we receive all the more important. We cannot fall back on the cost of ticket sales to make the event a success, and every attendee knows that when we say that the BarCamp could not happen without it’s amazing sponsors, that we truly mean it!

BarCamps are great places to share ideas, with much more emphasis on discussion and collaboration, attendees of BarCamps are much more involved than at a traditional conference. By sponsoring a BarCamp, you can get more involved too, join in with the discussion and be part of the community.

BarCamps often include that little bit of extra when it comes to fun and games. BarCamp Manchester runs a two day event, and on the Saturday night we’ll be having a big party, with lots of games. We’re even more fortunate this year that we have access to two pool tables, a fussball table, a PS4 & and XBox One!!!!! Why not go the extra mile and also sponsor a Fussball tournament…..

One other big aspects of a BarCamp is it’s diversity, and this works on so many different levels.

While a lot of tech events are dominated by men, BarCamp Manchester 5 had an impressive attendance of 35% women, and we also have a good representation from the LGBTQ community.

In addition, the BarCamp pulls in the most diverse range of geeks than any other conference. While a PHP conference is dominated by PHP devs, and a Python conference full of Python devs, a BarCamp is where you can bump shoulders with devs from any language, system administrators, network engineers, digital marketers, mathematicians, teachers, engineers, board game geeks, entrepreneurs, consultants, makers, hackers, and so much more!

We even have an impressive age range, last year’s BarCamp had attendees ranging from the ages 12 to over 60!

Only by sponsoring a BarCamp can you reach out to such a diverse group of people.

So what are you waiting for?

How can you possibly not want to get involved and sponsor a BarCamp?

So why not get in touch and help us out! We have a wide range of sponsorship packages to suit every budget, you could help us out with Swag or raffle prizes, or maybe you have your own idea on how you would like to help?

If you would like to be involved in this year’s BarCamp Manchester, you can see our current sponsorship packages here, or email claire@barcampmanchester.co.uk for more information.

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