BarCamp Manchester 11

January 2022

Location TBC

BarCamp Manchester 11 - back in 2022!

How long has it been?

It’s been 9 months since we were gathered together online for #WinterBarcamp. Sigh!

We’d firstly like to say we are sorry that @BarCampMCR won’t take place in September as is tradition. We are working hard to get an in-person event sorted for Spring 2022.

Last week your volunteer organisers Chris Northwood, Luce Carter and myself, met in real life for the first time in bloomin’ ages and it was delightful.

What’s new?

We are exploring the idea of becoming more environmentally conscious with the goal of minimizing negative impact on the environment by using fewer resources and reducing waste.

How can we work towards this?

We were thinking of…

  • Not printing t-shirts
  • Looking at the possibility of a new venue
  • Providing a vegetarian/vegan menu from sustainable & ethical supplier
  • Increasing how much we recycle
  • Donating surplus supplies to local charities

We’d love to hear your initial feedback before we steam ahead. If you’d like your thoughts to be known then fill out this short survey ta!.

Once we understand what the general consensus is (if there is one) then we can start making solid plans. Whoop!


MaHOUsive THANK YOU to Paul Waring and Martin Brooks who are already signing up as sponsors \o/ It’s amazing to have your continued support.

If you think your employer would like to part with some cash to support this inclusive grass roots event then direct them to our sponsorship pack (2022 details to be finalised but will be very similar to 2019).

We can’t wait to get started on brigin you #BarCampMCR11

Lots of love your volunteer BarCamp Manchester organisers

– Claire